Notre solution ERP Odoo


Thanks to the Odoo Website module you have a powerful and flexible tool for creating and managing professional websites


Manage the sales process, from customer information to product delivery

Human Ressources

Manage your staff from recruitment until the end of the collaboration


Efficiently manage all of a company's accounting operations using the Accounting module


Optimize your production processes while keeping an eye on stocks and bottlenecks


Maintain a strategic view of the company at different levels of detail

Nos solutions Téléphonie


Benefit from an advanced telephony & multi-channel communication tool


Automatically transcribe your customer's calls into text via this conversational AI


Increase the effectiveness of your prospecting and increase your results tenfold with Cadence

Our Business Intelligence solutions


Get the reports you need with the most comprehensive dashboard tool on the market.

Power BI

Make your data speak using the market leader

SQL Warehousing

Extract vital information for your company from your transactional databases


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Benefit from a Digit Online loan

Did you know that the Walloon region offers a subordinated loan of up to €75,000 to SMEs wishing to embark on a digital transformation project?

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Partenership with Odoo

After fifteen years of experience in BI and five years of using Odoo internally, Genius Elevation is now working with the Odoo solution. Take advantage of our fresh experience from intensive training by our partner to implement Odoo in your company.

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